Next Steps

Thank you for your hard work, your submissions are in review now and you should receive a report from us with feedback and next steps shortly. 

Follow along on @magicleapdevs on Twitter to catch the latest as apps are published and hit Magic Leap World. Feel free to share videos and other news on your projects and make sure to tag @magicleapdevs.

For projects that get published, we will be in touch for shipping details on your Magic Leap Developer t-shirts!


#MLDevJam is a challenge where you build something awesome related to a theme, then submit it as a concept to Magic Leap World. When your concept gets published, we'll send you a t-shirt and may feature your work on our blog and social channels. The Winter 2019 #MLDevJam has a unique theme to help guide your creative process.

Spatial computing unlocks untold potential to change the way we think and live. Our imaginations are no longer confined to a screen. Gravity is no longer an obstacle. Anyone with a bit of skill and the willingness to learn can create spatial apps that challenge our preconceived notions around education, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, tourism, architecture, productivity and so much more. The maverick developers of the future will be those that start developing for spatial computing today. Our goal is to challenge you to level up your skills and help you connect with one another and build things that used to be impossible.


Every Magic Leap DevJam will have a unique theme to help guide your creative process.

Our hands are the most natural totem in the world. With hand tracking and hand occlusion, we’re paving the way towards removing the need to tap, swipe, and click as a means of interaction. How can you show us your hands and what they can do in spatial computing?

Everyone who gets published to Concepts will receive this shirt (while supplies last)


  • You must register on this Magic Leap DevJams registration page to participate
  • Work alone or as a team with up to 4 total team members. One shirt per individual, per team, per published concept
  • You must submit and be published to the Concepts section of Magic Leap World to receive a shirt. You'll receive the shirt at the address on your Publisher Registration
  • Build & Submision period: November 1 - December 31, 2019
  • *we recommend submitting sooner than later to give more time for the review and revision stages in publishing to Concepts
  • In addition to receiving a shirt, we may also showcase your published concept in a Magic Leap blog post


Here are some helpful resources to help you get started


Concepts are small, free experiences published on Magic Leap World that showcase art or functionality. Concepts let you showcase new ideas, designs, interactions, and gestures in Magic Leap World where other developers can discover them. These lightweight experiences are designed to inspire and be shared with our developer community. Because the criteria for publishing concepts are simpler, you can share concepts quickly to get feedback on your projects.


Jump on the dedicated forum channel to connect with our Developer Support team as well as other developers participating in #MLDevJam


If you’re active on Twitter or Instagram, share your work using the #MLDevJam hashtag and tag us at @magicleapdevs (Twitter) and @magicleap (Instagram)


What if I need the support of another developer/graphic artist/animator etc. to create my concept?

One of our goals with the Winter 2019 #MLDevJam is to connect members of our community from around the globe. You can share your idea for a concept on the #MLDevJam forum channel and we'll work to connect you with like-minded participants that also want to work as a team.

Can we participate as a team? 

Individuals and teams are encouraged to participate. Max team size of 4, limited to one shirt per team member per published concept per theme. 

Does everyone on my team need to register or just one registration?

Each member of your team must register for the Winter 2019 #MLDevJam

What if my concept isn't approved during the Build & Submission period of the challenge I submitted for? 

Once you submit a concept, there's a chance you might need to make some tweaks before it gets approved to Concepts on Magic Leap World. That doesn't mean it's not awesome - and we'll make sure you get a shirt as long as you work through the Technical Requirements Checklist and get published. Now, if you just write a few lines of code to try and get a free shirt, our review team probably isn't going to publish your concept, and if your concept ain't published, no shirt for you. 

What if I publish to Apps instead of Concepts?

If you submit a #MLDevJam themed project to Apps and it is approved and published, you and your team may still receive a shirt for that theme. For teams, each member of the team must still register for that specific DevJam to receive the shirt. 

Can I participate if I'm based outside of the US? 

All developers are encouraged to participate. To publish to Concepts you must first register as a publisher. If you get stuck when publishing or have any questions, please DM us @magicleapdevs on Twitter or reach out on the Winter 2019 #MLDevJam forum page.

What happens when I submit my concept?

Your submission goes into an internal review and our QA team will get back to you with either a submission approval or feedback and fixes required to publish to Concepts. This is a very normal process with very few concepts being approved on their first round of review. Here is a list of some common Technical Requirements Checklist (TRC) failures to watch out for.