Ocean Summit The Hague

The Future of the Ocean
28 & 29 June 2018

What is an innovative breakout session ? 

These innovative breakout sessions offer the opportunity for anyone to discuss subjects related to the future of our oceans.
The conference will look for answers to questions such as:                

    •    By 2050, how can we achieve the sustainable use of our oceans whilst also achieving global growth?

    •    How do we use technology to increase sustainable oceans in relation to food, raw materials and energy?

    •    Can the ocean contribute to reducing the impact of climate change?

    •    What international treaties do we need to keep the oceans healthy?

Make a choice to contribute, share knowledge or take action!


Breakout session 1: Renewable energy and floating structures

Technological advancements have led to a burgeoning marine renewable energy industry. Presentations and interactive discussions on wind, tidal, wave and solar power will challenge attendees to look beyond one single form of renewable energy and explore opportunities for collaboration.

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

MARIN - Shell - Van Oord - IHC IQIP - Wave Parasite - DOB Academy - Oceans of Energy - Vestas - Zyba


Breakout session 2: A path to zero emission shipping

Shipping is one of the greenest ways to transport goods around the globe. However, it still creates a significant part of our global carbon emissions. The research carried out by Team AkzoNobel inspires us to examine potential solutions. Join this challenging discussion on the initiatives that already exist and next steps. Let’s set a timeline to go from low emission to zero emission shipping!

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

 MARIN - Deltares - Shell - Team AkzoNobel


Break out Session 3: Circular economy, the solution to ocean plastic pollution?

Plastic is a great material that can be used in many ways. It is so cheap that we produce much more than we are currently able to recycle. The plastic is now polluting our oceans and if nothing is done, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2020. This breakout session will highlight innovative, scalable and duplicable solutions throughout the whole value chain to turn the tide on plastic.

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with: 

The Great Bubble Barrier - Allseas - Searious Business - Karun - Musto - DVELAS


Breakout session 4: Bleu Sea Thinking, restoring nature

Recent technological revolutions, such as underwater drones supporting hydro-biological research, are transforming the ways humans interact with the oceans.

In this session we will present:  examples of ecoshaping, restoring estuaries and coral reefs, re-use of oil and gas jackets and environmental friendly decommissioning of offshore platforms.

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

Ecoshape - Van Oord - RWS -  Allseas


Breakout session 5: Ocean management and sharing knowledge platforms

Water is essential for life. All over the world, highly involved parties are doing research and creating a wide range of innovative solutions for sustainable oceans and to reduce water stress and food scarcity. Connecting all these interdisciplinary data and experiences would provide meaningful advice to policy makers, business, government and members of the general public on how to manage the future of the oceans. Join this interactive adventure of co-creation and challenge us with your ideas to create a sustainable world. Help to grow an open source community and explore opportunities for sustainable collaboration. Let’s make waves!

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:
Volvo Cars, Algalita, WaterWindow, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water 


Breakout session 6: First Findings of the NICO-Expedition

The NICO-expedition is an ambitious, multidisciplinary scientific seven-month mission aboard the Dutch research vessel Pelagia. More than 100 scientists from 20 countries and international scientific organisations have been collecting data from the North Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on a wide variety of subjects. Joining forces, seabed researchers, behavioural and microbiologists, geologists, chemists, physicists and climatologists investigate the changing conditions and marine life in these oceans and seas. In this session, the most remarkable first findings from different ocean provinces visited are presented by NICO-researchers. The implications of this large-scale ocean check-up will be discussed by a panel of scientists, policy makers and journalists who joined the expedition. The panel will also take questions from the audience.

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) & Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research NIOZ


Breakout session 7: How to start a Blue Revolution

Marine resources and ocean space will come under more pressure over the coming decades. With a predicted world population of nine billion people in 2050, all requiring drinking water, food, energy, materials and space this is an inevitable consequence. As a society, we have to decide on how to use these ocean resources in a sustainable manner, whilst strengthening the protection of our ocean ecosystems. Such a transition requires a rational & cooperative debate among stakeholders on matters such as problem identification, new knowledge, scenarios, and alternatives to existing solutions. In this session we challenge you to take on this responsibility and engage in a discussion on how to face this major task and inevitable “blue revolution”.

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

Wageningen University & Research - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research NIOZ


Breakout session 8: Impact on human health 

This session will share scientific research on the impact of (circadian) stress exposure on a Volvo Ocean Race yachting crew. Next to that we will discuss the impact of nano plastics on our human health. Nano plastics are already in the ocean, in drinking water, in fish and in the human bodies. What are the consequences?
Join this session to learn about the impact of plastic pollution on human health and share your thoughts.
This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

Erasmus University Medical Center - Mirpuri Foundation 


Breakout session 9: Blue Invest

The blue economy is already significant. It represents over 5 million jobs and it can play an important role in driving Europe’s growth and welfare. With the Blue growth strategy adopted in 2012 the European Commission launched a set of actions to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and employment. This session aims to demonstrate the blue economy’s financing of innovative initiatives. Compelling business cases will be presented by entrepreneurs and developers, and financiers will introduce their view on financing opportunities. The European Commission will present its outlook and program for the sector

This breakout session is organised in collaboration with:

The Investment Team working on the Blue Economy Investment Platform